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We are a leading global technology consultancy that integrates strategy, design and software engineering to enable enterprises and technology disruptors across the globe to thrive as modern digital businesses.

Distributed Systems

Design and Development of cutting- edged distributed systems with the main goal of advocating the empowerment of businesses to scale, enhancing reliability and improving performance provides efficient solutions for customized needs. However, the benefits of distributed systems do not come without several challenges.

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Release Automation

In order to understand the importance of streamlining the software development Lifecyle and ensuring secure deployments, it is essential to optimize the build process through consistent builds. Employing industry standard security practices, offering secure storage, automated rotation of secrets, access control and focusing on mitigating the risks associated with third-party dependencies should be considered. Not only this, but consistent deployments and scalability require robust infrastructure automation, performance optimization and prompt resolution. Moreover, CI/CD solutions help ensuring continuous integrate code changes and automate the release processes.

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Site Reliability Engineering

The practice for SRE involves SLOs (targets to define desired level of performance) and SLIs (measure to assess performance or behavior of a specific service) with the main goal to achieve reduce time on toil. D.O.R.A matrix can be used to access the maturity of the deployment processes and operational readiness, which can further help to calculate the live error budget. Space Matrix can be used for strategic decision- making in managing system reliability in order to allocate resources, prioritize projects and make informed decisions for better system reliability.

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Platform Engineering

From scalability to security or infrastructure management to slashing errors, this automation- driven approach streamlines deployments, maintenance, boosting efficiency and infrastructure management. The robust security measures, advanced monitory tools and scalable architectures help ensure an efficient and stable platform with maximized impact and driven innovation. With transformed platform engineering expertise, success is supercharged and competition is left behind!

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Data Engineering & ML

Whether its data engineering by normalizing the denormalized data and setting up pipelines or data warehousing by collection of data in different databases in one format for final analysis, AI got you covered. We design adaptable systems that allow for the seamless integration and analysis of various data sources through data lake engineering. Moreover, the machine learning model extract valuable insights from computer vision and natural language processing, providing you a competitive advantage.

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B2B Accelerator

Designed with advanced lead generation techniques, this accelerated solution is packed with growth potential and marketing power. From captivating content to targeted campaigns, our aim is centered around increased market share, accelerated growth and a thriving business with higher engagement from the audience and unprecedented levels of revenue. Not only this, but rapid deployment, agility and streamlined methodologies highlight our understanding of the importance of time.

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