We deliver sophisticated and long-lasting production software ON-TIME. Exposed to multiple verticals, our team understands and delivers on projects at pace.


With plenty of stack modernizations under our belt, we can share best practices, avoid common pitfalls, and help you save hundreds of development hours.


We design products for usability and presenting information that really matters, thus reducing the cognitive overload and increasing productivity

Engineering complex and diverse systems

Together with StyleMePretty, we helped rewrite their monolith tech stack to a more robust microservices based architecture using a combination of FARGATE containers, LAMBDA serverless & TERRAFORM for orchestration.

As a technology partner, we provided turn-key services for to implement their video annotation platform using a cloud-native backend, coupled with framework-agnostic embeddable javascript video player for effortless integration.

We helped StyleMePretty implement a multi-faceted search using Elasticsearch. The search endpoint aggregates and geofence data in realtime powering all the UIs requiring text or location search, including autocomplete.

The team at Breu helped iTk Mobile design and develop its news aggregation engine. This engine, developed by Breu, power all the customer-facing clients including mobile.

Massive migrations, monoliths to microservices, cloud-native first products, or optimizing billing in the cloud, we have helped many clients transition their legacy codebases to modern frameworks by defining the best strategy, estimating timelines, and efficiently executing the move without regressions or performance penalties while also passing the knowledge to engineers.

Verticals we have worked with


A community of developers, that bring relevant industry expertise to form a single collective organization of PostgreSQL experts of any company globally.


ATS offers services in Digital transformation and IT consulting. Empowering global telecommunication through open source technologies.


Investment and strategic financial platform for regional opportunities CapVentures’ focus is on identification, development, investment and portfolio management.


Diyotta is a serverless, enterprise-class, data integration platform that connects enterprises to all the data for modern processing environments.


An audio/video media sharing platform, where you can engage, promote, monetize, analyze, and enhance the user experience.


IntentAware is an ad-tech engine designed to serve relavent ads, measuring customer's intent rather than his past history.


One place to manage marketing, lead management and guest data while having control on how the brand is communicated to the traveler.

iTK Mobile

iTk is a leading provider of ERP implementation and managed services. They offer services based on AI and Machine learning technologies.


To enable a coffee house to deal with daily flow of orders, inventory and cash, one must use an efficient POS software on their cash counters.


The Result of merger between Yahoo and AOL, Oath is a new age media company with multiple news media outlets under its name e.g. TechChurch, HuffPost.


PerfectCloud is digital security and privacy company. Its split-key patent encryption algorithm helps power secure identity and access management for the cloud-natives.

STITCH is a HIPAA compliant messaging web platform, desktop and mobile. Communicate, make calls, upload files, and collaborate on any device.


showpass is the online ticketing software that puts you first. The platform delivers best technology to create amazing experience for ticket buyers.


SMP is every girl’s friend when it comes to see trends revolving around wedding planning. It has everything that interests a bride-to-be.


AI Assistant to upgrade your business interactions. 24/7 customer relationships. AI/ML enable natural language models that understand your customers.

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